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Our Solutions

Drawing upon the combined expertise of its parent companies, Predictive Health Solutions will create solutions that are tailored specifically to the healthcare industry. Pinnacle Solutions brings capabilities in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, while CDID provides expertise in the healthcare industry and the operational infrastructure to build out the software.

The initial Predictive Health Solutions offering helps healthcare providers tackle the problem of “Patient No-Shows“. The solution leverages electronic medical record data, including zip code and family demographics, along with other enriched information, such as weather, traffic, construction, demographic, clinic specialties, retention, ratings, and other factors to predict whether or not individual patients will show up for their scheduled appointments. In the long-term, these prediction models will prompt proactive operational improvements, such as sending appointment reminders or an offer for a car service, in order to reduce no-show appointments and ensure patients are getting the care that they need. The technology will also give healthcare providers a critical tool in order to make intelligent overbooking strategies for their patient appointments. Additional Predictive Health Solutions offerings are in active development.

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